Thomas LoudonThomas Loudon is the co-founder of VJM and editor in Chief. He started his carreer as the first Dutch correspondent based in Iran since the 1979 revolution.

He was also the first Dutch correspondent to work as a video journalist. After three years of working in  Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, Thomas moved to Egypt and later to Jordan. He worked as a video journalist for the Dutch public news NOS, but he also contributed to CNN, BBC, Canal 13 in Chile, Asia TV in Singapore and many more.

Thomas worked as a researcher for the International Crisis Group for six months. Aside Thomas teaches journalism to Master’s students at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Arend Jan van den BeldArend Jan van den Beld is the other co-founder and end-responsible for the operations. He is specialised in turning thoughts into concepts, plans and implementation.

Arend has gained his experience at Philips International in the field of information management after getting his masters degree in Psychology at the University of Leiden. Under his guidance Philips became one of the world’s front-runners in the development and the global use of online knowledge management platforms.

Arend coaches young entrepreneurs, is active in politics and advises the Dutch State Secretary responsible for media policy, about New Media and the future of Public Broadcasting.


Tjeerd RoyaardsTjeerd Royaards is the Editor-in-Chief of the Cartoon Movement. He is a Dutch editorial cartoonist living in Amsterdam. He has worked as a cartoonist for over ten years, ever since getting a master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

His work has appeared in many news papers and magazines around the globe. Tjeerd received a Citation for Excellence in the United Nations Political Cartoon Award, and in 2014, he won 2nd prize at Press Cartoon Europe.

Tjeerd is a member of the Board of Advisors of Cartoonists Rights Network International.


Schermafbeelding 2016-08-11 om 13.00.26Malou van der Starre is a video journalist and editor at VJ Movement.

She is specialised in youth journalism. Malou works partime for ‘het Jeugdjournaal’, the Dutchtelevision news programme produced by the Dutch public service broadcaster NOS.

Malou manages the VJM youth channels named Reporters Under 18.




Luisa LopezLuisa is a senior producer, camera woman and teacher in video journalism. She has developed and manages the high quality VJM pool of video journalists in South America (the Spanish World). For many years Luisa does the VJM training in Cuba.